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The Theme of our Project
Raising awareness of violence and abuse against women…
The issue of violence against women and women's murders is a global problem that has been going on for centuries around the world. In this direction, the reports prepared by international organizations every year reveal the problem in a striking way with its statistical dimension. For example, according to the 2019-2020 World Women's Progress Report entitled "Family in a Changing World" by the United Nations (UN) Women's Unit, 137 women are killed by one of their family members every day worldwide.

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Our Purpose
To become aware, to create awareness…

Because we believe! "A photo can change a life…"
It doesn't matter if it is developed or underdeveloped, rich or poor. We aimed to draw attention to violence, abuse and bad acts against women that we do not want to count. Because we believe! A photo can change a life... We want to draw attention to women's intelligence, elegance, elegance and aesthetics with photos....


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