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4th Industrial Revolution

Today we are living in the 4th industrial revolution (4th IR), which is expanding the boundaries of biotech, nanotechnology, robotics, quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI), and making information unbound. Knowledge is becoming (almost) freely available in every subject. There, however, are pros and cons of this revolution which we have to carefully monitor and understand. 


Let us keep in mind that all aspects of our lives are and will be benefiting from this. Main issue, of course, is the preparedness of our brains. Our paradigms and existing working habits (modus operandi) will need to change by learning new skills and implementing new operational modes.


For me, (AI) is the locomotive of this revolution, and it resembles a "bee sting." Body who receives it has to be ready.  Otherwise it will need medical treatment. And we all must be ready since the 4th industrial revolution is here to stay, and grow itself into 5th and 6th industrial revolutions.


In physics, resistance to change is called "inertia" and the greater the inertia, the slower the change! Humans always resist when the new conditions do not align with their comfort zones that form their habits,  backgrounds and knowledge levels.


I notice that most of the criticism against the 4th industrial revolution result from people’s fear of losing their present jobs. It is true that many jobs will be lost during this time. Yet, it is also true that plenty of new jobs/professions will also emerge.  Some of the existing jobs will naturally alter themselves to meet the new conditions and free knowledge. There will be new products and new services as well. There will also be new and more effective (time and cost saving) procedures developed.


Therefore, the youth who have a great appetite for new knowledge, are keen to learn new skills, are innovative and entrepreneurial will be the main beneficiaries of this new era.

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