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AI Safe Jobs

AI's impact on the future job market is expected to be tremendous, but the following segments of jobs that require special human skills and creative thinking will  be safe in this age.


AI can assist in patient examinations, monitoring and even execute surgeries. Yet, AI can not replicate the human empathy and ethical judgement that doctors, nurses, and therapists can. Thus, healthcare professions will be least effected by AI.

Creative professions

AI can only be supportive for designers, musicians, painters, writers and artists in repetitive tasks but can not create originality which requires human emotions and inspiration.


Entrepreneurs (and high level decision makers) usually deal with complex and high risk problems. Here again, AI can provide support in data analysis, but the entrepreneur’s vision  and judgement are the main contributors in the decision making process.


Jobs that require advanced human skills built on vocational training which are possessed by master tradespeople (usta) such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, welders with expertise and problem-solving skills that AI can assist but can not replicate. 

Safety and Security

Professions in safety and security such as police force, firefighting and first aid responders (ambulance services) require making human centered life saving decisions. Human attributes and physical, as well as, emotional demands of these professions will keep them to be AI safe for a long time. 

In short, while numerous new jobs/professions will be created in the AI age, many of the existing jobs/professions that require human qualifications such as empathy and ethical judgement with AI support will survive.  

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