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ChatGPT Challenges

In our previous blog (Feb 10th), we covered ChatGPT*, which is a computer program developed as a product of open AI** with a massive investment of over 10 billion dollars by Microsoft.

Chinese Baidu created its chatGPT rival "Ernie" and included it into its search engine services as of March 2023. Other Chinese companies such as Alibaba and Tencent are also working on ChatGPT-like products. Google and Facebook are also in this race.

All of these AI generated programs understand and generate different human languages and different communication forms including images, audio and text, and they will have important impacts on all aspects of our lives. Some areas, which will benefit rapidly from ChatGPT and the like programs, are:

Education: They help students with their schoolwork by developing essays or supporting them to complete their homework assignments.

Marketing: ChatGPT and other generative AI programs support marketing activities by providing key messages on the products and marketing strategies.

Ecommerce: These programs can play a key role in customer service in answering customer questions and providing more and proper information on the company products and services.

Science: These programs help scientists to shorten the discovery and the search processes and help them to increase their productivity.

Legal: These AI generated programs will be useful to judges and lawyers by collecting data on prior cases and help them to develop arguments for court decisions.

Software Development: Software programmers, innovators and entrepreneurs are already generating or correcting code by using AI generated programs.

Together with benefits of ChatGPT and similar programs, there are also great concerns such as, putting out incorrect information, their potential for cybersecurity threats and taking over from humans in the workforce.

While generative AI programs represent a significant positive alteration in how we search, discover, create and work, they also have the potential to damage our social systems. It requires careful utilization to ensure full compliance to ethical values and regulatory issues. Otherwise they can be a serious risk for civilization. That is why our previous blog concluded that innovators and entrepreneurs have to equip themselves with ChatGPT and similar programs at their early stages and familiarize themselves with their pros and cons.


(*) GPT-Generative Pre-trained Transformer is a computer program developed by Microsoft which knows how to speak and write like a human being.

(**) AI-Artificial intelligence: It provides software like ChatGPT that can reason and show human–like behavior.

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