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Dark Side of AI

Elon Musk (Twitter), Steve Wozniak (Apple co-funder) and other well known figures in artificial intelligence signed an open letter asking to suspend the AI systems development for 6 months due to its potential dangers and threats to humanity.

Humans are biological while AI Chatbots are digital systems. Unlike humans, in digital systems, one can create millions of copies of the same models almost instantly. This is like teaching millions of individuals instantly by teaching only one person. Chatbots are millions of individuals. And they are much more powerful than a single individual.

Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of artificial intelligence (AI), left Google after warning of the growing dangers of AI Chatbots. He said, "...right now, they're not more intelligent than us, but I think they soon may be."**

Some people with bad intentions may create robots with capabilities to their benefits for obtaining more economic and political power. Thus, we are walking on a tight rope, which seems to have great benefits in the short term, and unknown dangers in the medium and long term unless proper regulations are put in place.

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1 Comment

Dear Ali,

I agree with the spirit of the proposal, and I am certain that there is not even a remote chance that it will be heeded. We need to plan accordingly, and perhaps push for a global forum for knowledgeable and thoughtful people to discuss the issues. That might illuminate some of the major threats (and opportunities) from AI.

P.S. I am using ChatGPT almost daily to search for materials for my writing, and for my teaching.


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