Prof. Ali Beba's book to be used as a textbook at Tink Colleges in Turkey

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Tink Colleges in Turkey is finalizing the process to use "Basima Ticari Icat Cikar" as a text book for their Innovation and Entrepreneurship diploma program offered to students from 9th through 11th grades starting with 2020.

"Basima Ticari Icat Cikar" provides a step-by-step approach to innovation process and key attributes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Tink is Turkey's first and best student centered technology college. The human and technology centered Tink Education System includes elements of contemporary and modern education such as personalized education programs, peer learning, project based learning and real life experiences that are individualized according to the personal skills and preferences of our students.

Combining personal skills and technology together, the Tink Generation is equipped with academic knowledge while gaining real-life experience. As a result, Tink's students gain the spirit of entrepreneurship while developing their social lives and careers.

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