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Entrepreneurship Education

According to the Future Job Survey* of the World Economic Forum, about 50% of the existing jobs will be automated by 2055. This will create great challenges, new roles & responsibilities for future generations, and it will put emphasis on the importance of entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship education is already a rising star in many educational institutions (second and tertiary level) in almost every nation that runs on the free market economy. This education prepares future generations to identify problems that they have never encountered before and equip them with crucial life skills. These skills benefit the entrepreneurship candidates who have science, technology, business as well as art, music, and humanities background.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education

  • Problem Identification: Collecting and analyzing data for identifying problems and solving them to meet future global needs. Existing education only helps to solve problems identified by others.

  • Grit Development: It teaches "passion and sustained persistence applied toward long-term achievement."** The demanding and uncertain entrepreneurship journey requires more passion and sustained persistence than most other activities and therefore entrepreneurship education programs are excellent for developing grit.

  • Boosting Collaboration: Creativity and innovation go hand in hand with collaboration and working in teams. Entrepreneurship education is based on collaboration and teamwork.

  • Preparing for the Uncertain Future: Our world is becoming more complex and more uncertain with increasing environmental and social issues. Entrepreneurship education will guide us to navigate this unpredictable future and make the world a better place.

  • Finally, entrepreneurship education helps women to become more entrepreneurial: Birds need two wings to fly! Similarly, nations need both men and women to develop. At the present, there is a gender gap in almost every country due to the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions. Entrepreneurship education helps women develop their competitive sides, and encourages them to learn to take more calculated risks. End result is to have more women in entrepreneurial businesses and leadership positions.

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