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Global Entrepreneurs - Gamze and Elon

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Gamze Cizreli is from Diyarbakır, Turkey. Elon Musk is from South Africa. Gamze (54yrs old) is a serial and a global entrepreneur. Elon (52 yrs old) is also a global and serial entrepreneur.

Gamze recently published a book entitled "Ateşle Oynayanlar." Walter Isaacson published a book in 2023 entitled "Elon Musk." While the format of the book on Elon is a more professionally prepared text, Gamze’s book is more of a personal story. Yet, both books are great resources especially for budding entrepreneurs.

Of course, one does not, and should not, compare the entrepreneurial journeys of Gamze and Elon. They have different and diverse backgrounds, different products/services and purposes. Yet, they both are global and it is very interesting to see the similarities in their approaches in entrepreneurship.

I had published a book "Başıma Ticari İcat Çıkar" where I discuss the common entrepreneurial traits (and name them Entrepreneurial Operating System - similar to computers’ disc operating system) such as, having high tolerance for risk, forming strong teams, defining and meeting global needs, being great marketers and communicators, and always alert to innovative ideas; and be able to create (not follow) new trends. I also mention that they are great listeners, readers, researchers and teachers.

If you want to better your entrepreneurship journey, I strongly recommend you to read different sources and listen to the experiences of global entrepreneurs like Gamze and Elon.

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