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Remote Work - New Norm for Entrepreneurs

We are witnessing "remote work" as a shift of paradigm, a new trend, a totally new style of working - which is here to stay, in every segment of businesses today. It has become clear that the companies which expected people to go back to work once things are reopened, now understand that employees do not want this, not for 5 days a week. Period.

This new trend was quickly adopted by especially the tech companies and with start-ups across the globe. These organizations are preparing for extended periods of remote work following extended school closures, some by shifting to a hybrid approach (Facebook, Twitter) and some permanently. Since there is no 100% cure nor any proven vaccine coming anytime soon, office workers who can be productive at home by doing remote work has no desire to change the course.

The companies/organizations now realize that remote work is here to stay.  Therefore, they are adjusting their structures by leaving luxurious, fancy and expensive offices in crowded metropoles for less cramped, easy and more economic surroundings. Start-ups, which decided to adopt to remote work conditions started to put limits on their leases (with co-working places such as WeWork) and were able to reduce their expenses by over 25% - 75%. For entrepreneurs, this was the case for some but the urge to have an office was there. This new reality will have a positive impact in terms of costs for entrepreneurs as well as investing more in technology for better communication. Investments will change its course from buildings, offices to better communication technology with less cost. For caretakers, this might have some advantages as they do not need to commute or flex their location and hours while creating economic value.

This new trend also created new businesses to help job seekers. People looking for full-time or part-time remote jobs should visit Remote-Only Job Boards sites such as Virtual Vocations, Remote OK, EuropeRemotely, etc. If you are looking for remote jobs which offer creative work, flexible schedules, and high pay, you should visit the Tech-Related Job Boards With Remote Option

such as Landing Jobs, Dribble, etc. Job seekers in freelance and in contract business can try the Job Boards of Fiverr,, etc.

While these are the facts, and norms of doing business after the pandemic, there are several issues that we have to be concerned about. Remote work is a "lonely business" and it is "not ok for everyone." Networking is also much harder in remote work. Yet, both job seekers and job creators will have to get adjusted and find practical solutions.


Ali Beba, PhD

Founder & CEO

Beba Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation

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