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Sky is NOT the limit – For Entrepreneurs!

In his song "There’s a World Out There", Paul Brandt repeats the verses:

There’s a world out there and I wanna be in it

I’ve got a life and I‘m gonna live it

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit,

There’s footprints on the moon

In one of the recent very favorite videogames, Turquoise Sun, created by Apex Legends, the motto is:

Whoever said the sky’s the limit never left the ground.

These are all so true! Here are some recent developments proving the fact that, for entrepreneurs, sky is NOT the limit.

Yesterday (Sept 15th) 4 ordinary US citizens, all amateur astronauts, blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in a capsule of SpaceX and settled in an orbit of 300 miles above the earth. They will be circling the earth, contributing to science, experiencing weightlessness, and having great fun orbiting and viewing the globe 15 times a day from that distance for the next three days.

This summer, billionaire businessman Richard Branson and three of his fellow co-workers were the first non-astronauts who experienced the space in a capsule developed by Virgin Galactic. Later, another billionaire businessman, Jeff Bezos with his brother (Mark), an 18-year-old Dutch student (Oliver), and 82 years old Mary Wallace completed similar missions, and reached a height of 106 kilometers (16 kilometers higher than Bronson) in his company’s (Blue Origin) capsule.

There are plans to replicate these missions. One in October to the International Space Station (ISS) which will carry a Russian movie director and an actress, and the other in early 2022.

Space visits are now becoming another avenue for the tourism industry which will be triggering numerous technological and marketing products in the very near future. There is plenty of Z-generation youth looking deep into space and getting geared to realize their dreams of making, safer, deeper, faster, and better space voyages.

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