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STEAM and Entrepreneurship

STEAM, which is in high demand around the globe, is an educational system that uses science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to flourish the students' inquiry and critical thinking. This system teaches students "how to think" instead of "what to think."

STEAM focuses on practical skills for the students, which include being:

  • creative

  • flexible

  • data-driven

  • able to work in teams

  • persistent

Both STEAM and entrepreneurship require individuals who enjoy problem-solving, who take calculated risks, and who work in teams through creative processes.

The main goal of both STEAM and entrepreneurship is to foster innovation by combining the mind of a technologist with that of an artist or a designer. At the center of every innovative entrepreneurial venture, there is a desire to meet a specific need and be able to solve a specific problem. Therefore, STEAM and entrepreneurship have a common denominator and a connection which is very strong.

STEAM and entrepreneurship at the present are the engines working hand in hand to drive the global economy forward. For the z-generation, which will be more focused on the gig economy, their connection will be even stronger. Let us remember that the kids with these skills created many of the globally famous tech companies, including Dell, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

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