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Value of Networking for Entrepreneurs

Networking is to interact with people to exchange information and to develop professional and/or social contact, and it is especially important for entrepreneurs. A strong network opens doors to opportunities and makes a venture succeed. Here are some networking strategies for entrepreneurs:

  • Find your networking groups. You need to look for networking groups who share your professional interests, demographics, geographic location, and your startup stage. Women Who Code, for example, is an international networking group for women involved in computer sciences. LinkedIn is an important platform which provides connections within your area of interest.

  • Dedicate Time and Energy and attend events of your networking group. Create periodic organizations to keep close and meaningful contact by sharing information around common interests and sending regular (but not too often!) mails and text messages.

  • Have confidence, show curiosity, and remember that networking events are built to form mutually beneficial relationships. Confidence in your business idea and having curiosity is crucial for communicating the potential value you bring to the relationship.

  • Be ready with different versions of your business plan to describe your business and the value it creates. One version could be a minute long and another no more than three minutes long. How to effectively pitch a business idea is something all entrepreneurs should know and understand extremely well to be successful.

In net, a strong network is both necessary and a valuable asset for entrepreneurs. No networking means no sustainable growth. Period.

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