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Greater Good Challenge 2020

GGC 1st place winners.png

1st Place Winner

Pitch: Microterra, a biotechnology startup that converts wastewater in inland fish farms into clean water and sustainable protein for pet food industry.

GGC 2nd place winners.png

2nd Place Winner

Pitch: Kai, an app to connect Spanish-speaking Americans with Latin American therapists to improve mental healthcare access and quality, capturing $389M in unreceived care.

GGC 3rd place winners.png


3rd Place Winner

Pitch: ComfortSpec, a new model speculum designed for cost-efficiency, better imaging technology and greater patient comfort to combat missed cervical cancer screenings that contribute to women’s health disparities.

GGC audience pick.png


Audience Pick

Pitch: Soluminos, a solar charging station for stranded communities in need of energy after a disaster; each station would serve up to 30 people per day.

GGC final.jpg
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