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Entrepreneurship for Youth
Business Plan Competitions

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Entrepreneurship for Youth Program that has been ongoing at Darüşşafaka High School in Turkiye features a business plan competition at the end of each academic year where teams present their business ideas to a team of judges for a chance to win the grand prize - a summer camp at the prestigious Sabanci University. 
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Executive Director of the Beba Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation, Mr. Korhan Beba, provides coaching and mentoring to the teams prior to the event. 

The in-person competition is held at Darüşşafaka High School in Istanbul and create a lot of excitement and buzz at the school. There are over 200 students in the audience ranging from 8th to 11th grades who want to witness the teams in action.

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The grand prize of the event is attending the Summer School at Sabanci University which aims to help participants gain authentic university experience in a multicultural environment.

The English-language program that was launched recently is offered in three terms of two weeks each, where students are able to choose 3 courses among 16 different university courses in natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, and management. 

Students attend courses of their choosing every day of the week for two weeks. The program is bolstered with extracurricular sports, art, culture and entertainment activities, all of which will help students have an unforgettable vacation while expanding their horizons.  


2023-2024 academic year competition will take place in May 2024. 

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