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Entrepreneur’s Operating System

Computers need operating systems to function. They link computers and computer-like devices with their users.

This is because computers are empowered by a language (machine language) composed of 0s and 1s, which is recognized only by a small number of people who are trained in this language.

Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and iOS, Google’s Android OS and Linux OS help billions of people who use computers but do not know the machine language. Without an operating system computers are useless. The simpler and more dependable the operating system, the more more useful it is for their users.

The same is true for entrepreneurs.

The mission of an entrepreneur is to develop and sell a niche product or service that meets the needs of a consumer segment.

This requires strong sales and marketing capability, a diverse team, and sufficient financial resources.

Yet, to complete a successful mission, entrepreneurs need to have a personal operating system which is straightforward, trustworthy and simple. Here qualifications like honesty, reliability, being timely, keeping promises, having empathy with suppliers and customers, and being likeable are the key ingredients.

A recent Harvard study highlights the competitive advantage of being likeable as an entrepreneur’s qualification in relationship selling.

Thus, personal operating systems of entrepreneurs form the backbone of successful entrepreneurial journeys.

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