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Career Mentoring and Networking

Career mentoring:

Everyone needs career mentoring. Some organizations have formal mentoring programs and some have cultures supporting informal mentoring programs. This is great but not enough. Professionals do need external mentors for career progression and transitions. That is what we offer at all levels. From board ready to C-Suite to managers. Women leaders need this type of guidance more due to life stages, care responsibilities and how to tackle work life harmony. At Beba Foundation, we have a total 100 years of experience and happy to share guidance on careers.


Career connections:

Networking is an integral part of career success. Not everyone has the same opportunities for networking due to work life demands and their personality. Therefore, listening and making connections for career progress is a critical support. Women leaders will benefit from these connections more due to the work life demands and the nature of some networking events like golf, football, late dinners and events.

Beba Foundation leaders will make the right connections for career progress or personal development within their network.

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